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        Iwatani Group
        Iwatani Corporation
        SIM IwataniSuzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd.

        Suzhou Iwatani is a metal precision slit processing company
        for precision stainless steel and nonferrous materials.
        Precision leveler machining has also started.

        Head Office

        Iwatani Corporation

        Based on the energy business centered on LP gas and the industrial gas and machinery business since its foundation, the Company is expanding its business in a wide range of fields, including the materials business and the natural industry business. In addition, we agressively act to expand busines in overseas including China.
        For more information http://www.iwatani.co.jp/eng/

        Material Business

        Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd.

        Like Suzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd., Nakayama Iwatani has developed the slit business for metal precision rolling materials in the South China region of China and the metal coating business. Nakayama is the birthplace of Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of China and a close relationship with Japan, and aims to nurture the harmony of friendship between Japan and China, incorporate Japanese management into China's abundant resources and outstanding human resources, produce high-quality, internationally competitive products, and become a global supply base.
        In addition, Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd., and Dalian Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd. operate as trading companies in the Materials Division.
        For more information http://www.iwatani.co.jp

        Cooperate Company

        MSR Inc.

        MSR is a film processing enterprise that has developed innovative technologies for more than 20 years. MSR provides plasma treatment and blast processing services in addition to slitting services. MSR has processing experience with 4,400 unique materials and developed 260 kinds of processing technologies. Please feel free to contact MSR if you require consultation.

        Iwatani Groups

        ?East China?

        □ Iwatani(China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
        ◎ Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd.
        □ Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd. Wuxi Branch
        □ Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch
        ◎ Jiaxing Iwatani Gas Co., Ltd.
        ◎ Suzhou Iwatani Metalwork Co., Ltd.
        ○ Shanghai Petrochemical Iwatani Gas
          Development Co., Ltd.
        ○ Suzhou Kinsei Matec Co., Ltd.
          Kobelco Compressor(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
          Sydek Hang Fung Precision Electronic
          Materials(suzhou) Co., Ltd.
          INOC(Changzhou) Stainless Steel Products
          Co., Ltd.
          Okitsumo Paint(Changshu)CO., LTD.
        □ Iwatani Gas Appliances (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
          Shanghai Branch

        ?North China?

        ?South China?

        ◎ Iwatani Industry Co., Ltd.
          Beijing Representative Office
        ◎ Tangshan Kinsei Matec Co., Ltd.
        □ Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd.
          Beijing Branch
        □ Dalian Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd.
          Tianjin Branch

        □ Iwatani(China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
        ◎ Guangzhou Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd.
        □ Guangzhou Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd.
          Shenzhen Branch
        ◎ Iwatani Gas Appliances (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd
        □ Iwatani Gas Appliances (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
          Guangzhou Branch
        ◎ Zhongshan Iwatani Co., Ltd
        ○ Zhongshan Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd
          Zhongshan Okitsumo CO., LTD.
        ◎ Zhongshan Kasatani Precision
          Electromechanical Co., Ltd

        ?Central China?

        ◎ Wuhan Iwatani Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

        ?Hong Kong?

        ?Northeast China?

        ◎ Hong Kong Iwatani Co., Ltd. ◎ Dalian Iwatani Gas Machinery Co., Ltd.
        ◎ Dalian Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd.
          Dalian Iwatani Trading Co., Ltd. Shenyang
          Dandong Iwatani Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd.
          Dalian Changxing Island Taiyo Nippon Sanso
          Gas Co., Ltd.
        ◎:Merged subsidiary
        ○:Equity method affiliate
        □:Branch company
        ※34 campanies
        As of April 2020
        Copyright © Suzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.

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